Tools for Securing Systems & Data

Information Assurance (IA) provides a variety of guides, tools, services, and best practices recommendations to help IT professionals secure their systems and devices.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Hardening & Protecting U-M Systems

Checking System & Data Security

  • Risk Analysis (RECON). A risk assessment methodology used to assess threats and vulnerabilities to mission critical U-M systems and applications, or to systems storing sensitive data.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery. Checks done on MiWorkspace computers to ensure sensitive data is not being stored unnecessarily or improperly. Available to non-MiWorkspace units on request.
  • Tenable Vulnerability Scanning. These automated scans are designed to identify software vulnerabilities, missing system patches, and improper configurations. All U-M networks are scanned quarterly, and units can request on-demand and more frequent scans at no charge.
  • Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking). A more intrusive active exploitation of security vulnerabilities, only at the request of units or system owners, used to proactively test a critical system.
  • Checking Systems for Signs of Compromise. What to look for if you are concerned your IT system may have been compromised or attacked.

For other resources relevant to IT and Security professionals, visit the Protect the U section of the website.