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Welcome to the Michigan Medicine Information Assurance resource page for education and awareness.

Follow the tips and suggestions in the materials below to ensure you’re up to date on what it takes to keep you and all of Michigan Medicine—and its data—safe from cybersecurity threats. While these resources are designed for members of the Michigan Medicine community, others may also find them helpful.

Note: Many of the linked documents below are stored in Google docs. You may need to log in with your Level-1 password to view them.


Review in 2 Videos Michigan Medicine IT Service Providers
IA:MM General Information National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Presentations

Review in 2

Two minutes is all it takes to brush up on Review in 2 cybersecurity topics. Below is a link to the current month’s topic.

September 2020

Check URLS Before Clicking!
If it seems suspicious, don't click it!

Review in 2 Archive: 2019–2020



Don't Get Hooked

Password Security

Phishing and Spam

Protecting Yourself

Staying Secure Online


Michigan Medicine IT Service Providers

Cybersecurity Risk Decision Request Tip Sheet

Cybersecurity Risk Decision Presentation Slide Deck

Michigan Medicine Investment Assurance Request Presentation Slide Deck

IA:MM General Information

Cybersecurity Risk Management Overview

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Under Construction – Materials to be posted soon.


Under Construction – Materials to be posted soon.