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The content and resources below are designed for the Michigan Medicine community, but should be considered in addition to all of the other cybersecurity information on Safe Computing.

Simulated Phishing Exercises

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Simulated Phishing Exercises are fake phishing attempts, designed by our Cybersecurity teams, and used to actively engage and educate Michigan Medicine staff* on phishing identification and reporting. 

Michigan Medicine executes one simulated phishing campaign each month on a rotational, audience-specific schedule.

See more information on Simulated Phishing at Michigan Medicine.

*U-M Campus does not currently participate in Simulated Phishing.


IA:MM SharePoint Site

[Trusted Service Providers - IT Professionals - IT Liaisons]

The IA:MM SharePoint Site is designed to address the most frequent and relevant questions posed by our Michigan Medicine partners, and present them in a more digestible, transparent manner.

We encourage you and your Michigan Medicine IT staff to use the site and offer feedback on its usefulness. Content and updates will be reviewed/implemented bi-annually.

Additional Trusted Service Provider - IT Professional Content

Additional Content

  • Review in 2
    Take 2-minutes to get quick cybersecurity education & tips!
  • Videos
    General MichMed-produced cybersecurity videos.
  • IA MLearning Modules
    Take official MLearning cybersecurity courses. Be sure to include these on your annual valuation!
  • IA:MM General Information
    More general cybersecurity information and resources.

Review in 2

Two minutes is all it takes to brush up on Review in 2 cybersecurity topics. Below is a link to the current month’s topic.

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Review in 2 Archive: 2023 Flyers


Be a cybersecurity STAR at Michigan Medicine

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