About Information Assurance: Michigan Medicine

Information Assurance: Michigan Medicine (IA:MM) is accountable for policies, requirements, and functions that keep data safe at Michigan Medicine. These functions include cyber threat response and analysis, managing our identities and access, ensuring our IT assets are secure, and validating our vendor partners can be trusted to operate in a healthcare environment.

Shared Responsibility

The responsibility to minimize cyber risks here at Michigan Medicine is shared among all team members. IT systems and services are woven into the fabric our organization, with a great deal of them containing sensitive and/or regulated data. It is incumbent upon each employee to understand applicable security policies, use technology safely, and report any cyber incidents that may occur. We believe a shared responsibility model of security will protect the quality of our services and enhance how we provide care, deliver education, and create research innovations at Michigan Medicine.

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What Does This Mean for You?

Processes & Requirements

Along with the U-M Standard Practice Guides (SPGs) and Data Standards (DSs), IA:MM is accountable for additional policies, requirements, and functions that keep data safe at Michigan Medicine, specifically.

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Risks We Face & How We Address Them

IT risks require active management

If we don’t quickly and effectively manage a variety of every-emerging IT security risks, Michigan Medicine will have a problem. These risks often result in reputational, financial, regulatory, operational, clinical and safety, research productivity, and educational efficacy damage.

Protect Michigan Medicine using Core Values

  • Focus on practical assurance
  • Implement balanced assurance solutions
  • Strengthen departmental capabilities
  • Develop an assurance-minded workforce
  • Model a culture of self-care, family-care, team-care, then the work

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