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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Every October, ITS Information Assurance (IA) celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month by hosting events, organizing activities, and presenting resources to promote information security and privacy, and to remind members of the U-M community of their shared responsibility to protect the university and one another's information, data, and systems. For 2022 our events include distinguished speakers, the return of our SUMIT series, plus links to resources from our ITS Information Assurance team and partner organizations.

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SUMIT—Security at University of Michigan IT

The annual Security at University of Michigan IT (SUMIT) symposium is designed to raise awareness and educate the community about important cyber security and privacy issues. This free event series is hosted every October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and presents a rare opportunity to hear nationally recognized experts and ITS Information Assurance (IA) staff, including opportunities for the U-M community to talk to IA staff about some of the key technologies used to manage IT security and privacy at U-M.

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Past Event: The Feeling of Being Watched

When journalist Assia Boundaoui investigates rumors of surveillance in her Arab-American neighborhood in Chicago, she uncovers one of the largest FBI terrorism probes conducted before 9/11 and reveals its enduring impact on the community.

Dissonance hosted a free viewing of The Feeling of Being Watched from March 28 to April 7, and on the afternoon of April 7 a discussion with film's director and Knight-Wallace Reporting Fellow Assia Boundaoui. Conversation was facilitated by Wallace House Director Lynette Clemetson, and joined by Roya Ensafi and Tanisha Afnan.

Check out a recording of the conversation with the director.

[email protected]

Privacy is an inherently interdisciplinary research topic that touches many disciplines at U-M. Faculty, researchers, students and staff, across many fields, either face or address privacy issues in their work. [email protected] celebrates International Data Privacy Day, held every year on January 28, and aims to bring together faculty, researchers, students and staff from different colleges, schools and units across campus with the goal of sparking ongoing, multidisciplinary conversations about privacy's role in society — here at U-M and worldwide.


Conversations at the confluence of technology, policy, privacy, security, and law

The Dissonance Event Series explores the ways technology, policy, privacy, security, and law are ever increasingly intertwined in all facets of life and society. This series seeks to increase university-wide, multidisciplinary discourse, and support university initiatives, including those related to data science. In addition to hosting events throughout the academic year, Dissonance co-sponsors events across campus. Recordings of many past Dissonance events are available.