Video: You've Got a Site for That—Safe Computing

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You've got a lot on your plate; we all do (work, study, email, meetings, more email). How can you keep up with all that and do your part to protect the university? Everyone at U-M shares in that responsibility. All the information you need is on

  • Have you gotten an email you thought was a phish? You can check for it under Phishes and Scams on Safe Computing.
  • Have you wanted to know about other Duo two-factor options when having trouble with your phone? Look on Safe Computing to learn about more Duo options.
  • What about research data? Do you need to store your data someplace HIPAA compliant? Check the Sensitive Data Guide on Safe Computing. It describes sensitive data types and tools that are okay to use. You can also check U-M services and see what kinds of data they are approved for.
  • Do you need to secure your home network? Check Safe Computing for advice on changing the password your router came with.
  • What about security for working from home? There's a video and a list of tips.
  • Scams and fraud? Safe Computing has it covered.
  • Protecting privacy? Yes, it's all there on