Upcoming Changes to Duo

Duo Universal Prompt

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the University of Michigan started using an updated Duo Universal Prompt pop-up screen for two-factor authentication, featuring a new look and feel and a number of user experience improvements. All Duo customers across the world, including U-M, are required to update to the Universal Prompt.

The most notable change is a new visual design for the Duo prompt pop-up screen that users receive when they login.

Advantages of the Duo Universal Prompt include:

  • Uses safer technologies offered by Duo.
  • Provides streamlined login experience for users.
  • Supports more languages.
  • Supports more types of hardware security keys.

What changed?

Changes to the login experience include:

  • Duo authentication automatically defaults to the authentication method you last used on the same browser and device.
  • You can cancel an automatic prompt and select "Other options" to change your authentication method.
  • When using a new browser or device to log in, Duo defaults to the most secure method available (in order of Touch ID, Security key, Duo Mobile push, YubiKey passcode, Duo Mobile passcode, Hardware token passcode, SMS passcode, Phone call).
  • The "Remember me" checkbox is replaced by a "Yes, this is my device" button.
  • Text messages only include one passcode.
  • The URL of the web page with the Duo prompt includes duosecurity.com instead of weblogin.umich.edu.

You do not need to change your Duo settings to use the new Universal Prompt.

  • All the methods you currently use to login will carry over into the new prompt.
  • There’s no change to the Duo Mobile app.

What does it look like?

Current traditional prompt

New Universal Prompt

Current "Remember" Option (appears before authentication)

New "Remember" Option (appears after authentication)

After the "remember device" setting expires in seven days, a "Remember me" checkbox is automatically checked (and may be unchecked if desired). An exception is that a security key or Touch ID prompt will not display the checkbox.