Reactivate or Update Duo

New! The Duo Mobile app has been redesigned and is available in both the Google Play store and the App Store. The apps will automatically update between October 11 – 15 for Android users, and October 11 – 18 for iOS users. If auto-updates are not enabled, you may need to update the Duo Mobile app manually.The approve button in the Duo Mobile App will soon be on the right! See this and other changes soon. Android: Oct. 11-15, iOS Oct. 11-18. You may need to update your Duo app.

You can change and update your Duo options any time. See:

If you replace a device or phone number and you don't have a backup option (such as an office landline) enrolled in Duo, you may be unable to log in to update your settings. No worries. You can call the ITS Service Center for a bypass code to let you in.

Got a New Smartphone?

If you replace your smartphone with a new one but keep the same phone number, you may need to install the Duo Mobile app on your new phone and reactivate the app.

Got a New Phone Number?

Switching to the App?

Want to Change Your Default Device?

Your default device is the one Duo presents when you log in. To change the default, refer to Change Your Duo Options and Settings.

Remove Unneeded Devices and Phone Numbers

Remove phone numbers and devices that you no longer have or use from your Duo options. Refer to Change Your Duo Options and Settings for the detailed steps.

Report lost or stolen devices! If you used a lost or stolen device to access or maintain sensitive university data, report the theft or loss, and ask to have the device deleted from your Duo options if you are unable to do that yourself. See Report an IT Security Incident.