Secure Your Devices

Secure Your Devices: For You and the U (video) This two minute video explains the basics of how and why personal devices need to be secured to protect U-M and personal data.

Securing your devices doesn’t just mean keeping them in a safe place, it means setting a strong password, keeping your software up-to-date, backing up your data, choosing appropriate privacy and access settings, deciding what networks to connect to, and more.

Personal Devices

See these guidelines to help you secure your own devices, data, and connections.

Working Remotely

Tips for securing your devices and connections when you work from home or other locations away from campus:

Work Devices

  • MiWorkspace. If you use a MiWorkspace-managed computer, your neighborhood IT staff will ensure that your work devices are properly secured.
  • Michigan Medicine. Health Information Technology & Services provides devices to Michigan Medicine faculty and staff and is primarily responsible for the maintenance and security standards of those devices.
  • Other U-M Devices. Other guidelines may apply to other University-Owned Devices.