Child Care Data

The University of Michigan Work-Life Resource Center (WLRC) provides services and tools promoting work-life integration at U-M, including child care through the U-M Children’s Centers, the Kids Kare at Home Backup Child Care program, and

What Child Care Data We Collect

  • Parent Profile
    such as name, contact information, physical address, relationship to child, employment information, U-M affiliation and UMID if available, job title/academic program, appointment effort (>50%), critical employee status.
  • Family Profile
    such as emergency contacts, language spoken in the home, consent and acknowledgements (photograph, field trips, sharing family information in class roster, medication administration, sunscreen/insect repellent application, etc.); number of adults and children residing in the household (collected only when family applies for financial assistance); hours of backup child care used.
  • Financial Information
    such as household income range (to determine eligibility for emergency back up care subsidy); documentation of family income (from families applying for financial assistance for child care); billing statements, payment method, payment records (for families enrolled at the children's centers).
  • Child Profile
    such name, date of birth, gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Child Health Information
    such as immunizations, medications, allergies and allergy action plans, special health needs and accompanying medical action plans, physician name and contact information.
  • Child Activity Data
    such as eating and sleeping habits, developmental exchanges, photographs, developmental summaries, attendance records.
  • System Logging
    such as browser type and version, operating system used, date and time of login, IP address, length of session, page visits, transaction timestamps and data.

How We Use Child Care Data

The University of Michigan uses child care data to enable:

  • Child Care Processes
    Support the delivery of quality child care services.
  • Child Care Operations
    Support licensing by the state of Michigan and manage billing processes.
  • Communications
    Support communication with enrolled families; target communication to families needing child care assistance.
  • Decision Support
    Manage the Children’s Centers waitlist function; support transitioning of children to different age groups; help make decisions on awarding financial assistance/grants.
  • Institutional Planning & Reporting
    Assess the extent to which we meet the needs of the U-M community and help plan more childcare support if needed.
  • Service Support
    Ensure system stability, data integrity, and positive user experience by monitoring service performance, maintaining a reliable record of transactions, and providing end-user support.

The use of child care data for the purposes outlined above is safeguarded through several mechanisms, including Information Assurance, the U-M Standard Practice Guide, and the U-M Data Governance framework.

How We Collect Child Care Data

  • Directly (Self-service)
    When you provide it to us when you complete the U-M Children’s Centers waitlist application, the annual Kids Kare at Home Backup Child Care registration, or when you register at
  • Automatically
    When systems used to administer child care generate and store data based on visits, interactions, and system automated rules.
  • From U-M Staff
    When University HR and Children’s Centers staff collect information about you, your family, and your child.
  • From External Sources
    When we receive aggregate information from on how many people have signed up for the service.

How We Share Child Care Data

The University of Michigan does not sell or rent your information. We share it with:

  • Service Providers
    that support the child care services and tools the university provides. For example we share:
    • Names, uniqnames and UMIDs with when regular U-M staff and students request access to the service.
    • Family registration information, such as contact information, subsidy status, children birthdates, and physical address, with the service provider for Kids Kare at Home Backup Child Care.

    We also use software service providers for Childcare Management and Billing, and Child Assessment and Family Communication. These service providers are required by contract to keep your personal information secure and use it only for providing services on the university’s behalf.

  • Government Entities
    when we report incidents or injuries to, and seek license renewal from, the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Personal information may also be shared when required by law, or to protect the safety, property, or rights of the university, its community members and guests.