Parking & Transportation Data

The University of Michigan provides transportation and parking services to U-M community members and guests, including campus transit, transportation alternatives, and a range of parking options. The personal information used to enable parking and transportation at U-M is stored in a third-party system provided by T2 Systems.

What Parking & Transportation Data We Collect

  • Identification and Contact Information
    The majority of personal information used to enable parking and transportation services comes from the U-M HR and Student Administration systems. This information includes name, UMID, and address. For students, we also use the term enrolled and academic level, while for faculty and staff we include department, position, and appointment type and percentage.
  • Payment Information
    Such as payroll deduction details; credit card information used to pay for parking at pay machines (PCI compliant service).
  • Parking Permit and Activity Information
    Such as parking permit number, timestamps for entrance to and exit from areas with gates (associated with Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) tag); information collected for Daily Blue parking program.
  • Transit Information
    No ID or card swipe is required on U-M buses; UMID, name and pick-up/drop-off locations are collected to use Paratransit services and are retained for one year.
    For after hours services and Emergency Ride Home, UMID is required to be shown but not swiped.
    Safe Side requires riders to use an app and use their Unique Name and password to request a ride.

How We Use Parking & Transportation Data

The University of Michigan uses parking and transportation data to enable:

  • Service Support and Troubleshooting
    Personal information is used to verify eligibility for parking programs and to enable registration for transit services. Time stamps are used to resolve issues, such as a driver being stuck at a gate.
  • Internal Reporting
    Time stamps help estimate fill time for parking areas.
  • Planning
    Assess trends to take required actions; use ridership number to plan how often buses run and staffing levels (seasonal bus routes).

How We Collect Parking & Transportation Data

  • Directly
    When UMID number is provided for paratransit; when an HR representative or a supervisor submit a parking eligibility form for new employees.
  • Automatically
    Via the AVI tag when a vehicle enters a gated parking area.
  • From Other Sources
    When personal information is provided from the U-M HR and Student Administration systems.

How We Share Parking & Transportation Data

The University of Michigan does not sell or rent your Parking and Transportation information. This information is made available to:

  • Service Providers
    We may share your information with service providers, such as T2 Systems, who administer parking and transportation solutions and help troubleshoot issues. We strive to require our service providers to keep your personal information secure and use it only for providing services on the university’s behalf.
  • City of Ann Arbor
    Parking permit information (name and permit number) is made available to parking referees from the City of Ann Arbor who process appeals for parking citations. Once per week, an export of all permit numbers and names associated with them is sent to the City of Ann Arbor.

Personal information may also be shared when required by law, or to protect the safety, property, or rights of the university, its community members and guests.