Student Record Data

Information and Technology Services (ITS) maintains a number of IT systems and services that support student administration. The key systems used to collect and process administrative data for Ann Arbor campus students are M-Pathways Student Administration, Document Imaging, and MCompass.

What Student Record Data We Collect

  • Student Profile Information
    such as preferred name and pronoun, residency, VA benefit eligibility, and sport code/identifier, which are added to the profile information collected during admissions
  • U-M Academic Records
    such as course registration, grades, program/major/minor selection, degree awarded
  • Travel and Study Abroad Information
    such as reason for travel, itinerary records (locations, start and end dates for each leg of a trip) and other trip details; registration information for study abroad programs (passport data, travel health data, etc.)
  • Logging Information
    such as browser and operating system used, date and time of login, length of session, page visits, transaction timestamps

How We Use Student Record Data

The University of Michigan uses student record data to enable:

  • Service Support
    Ensure system stability and positive user experience by monitoring service performance, maintaining a reliable record of transactions, and providing end-user support.
  • Academic and Enrollment Processes
    Support processes associated with selecting and attending classes, getting a degree, paying for education, managing enrollment, etc.
  • Life on Campus
    Provide services, such as emergency alerts, housing, transportation, recreation sports, libraries, immigration and travel support, etc.
  • Communications
    Provide you with information on U-M services, events, etc.
  • Institutional Planning and Reporting
    Analyze aggregated data sets to identify, evaluate, and respond to trends.
  • Research
    Use aggregated data sets for academic research purposes.

The use of student administration data for the purposes outlined above is safeguarded through several mechanisms, including Information Assurance, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the U-M Standard Practice Guide, and the U-M Data Governance framework.

How We Collect Student Record Data

  • Directly
    When you provide it to us during class and travel registration, by updating your personal information in M-Pathways Student Business, etc.
  • Automatically
    When student administration systems generate and store data based on visits, interactions, and system automated rules.
  • From U-M Faculty and Staff
    When they record information on activities, such as grades, declaration of major, degree completion, academic honors, academic discipline and probation, etc.

How We Share Student Record Data

The University of Michigan does not sell or rent your student record information. We share it with:

  • Service Providers
    that support student administration systems and services offered by the university. We require our service providers to keep your personal information secure and use it only for providing services on the university’s behalf.
  • Government Entities
    that have mandatory reporting requirements, such as the State of Michigan’s Center of Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) where we provide personal/demographic data, academic/course history (i.e. transcript), and degrees awarded, and the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) where we provide international student information.

There are also rare occasions when personal information is shared when required by law, or to protect the safety, property, or rights of the university, its community members and guests.